The ability to draw on the data to meet specific reports and analysis

We offer additional reports and information to support audits, public enquiries and other requirements both internal and external to organisations. We can also provide assistance in environmental risk and impact assessments and analysis.

Our experts can process all kinds of data in order to respond to specific and or unique queries in addition to general legislation.

Industry Comparison Analysis

Otherwise known as the Emissions Ranking report, every year we download public data for each reporting program into our database.

Our system then places the values against our clients’ reports, providing them with a ranking relative to their competitors.


We use the Greenbase system to compare our client’s emissions to industry standard benchmarks and evaluate what this means for them.

Site Emissions Profile Analysis (Emissions Profile Report)

These reports profile our client’s emissions, allowing us to identify and communicate areas of opportunity to improve on environmental performance.

NGER Section 22A/22AA Reports

This specific report shows the derivation of Provisional and Interim Emissions Numbers in accordance with Sections 22A and 22AA of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act.

NGER Explanatory Notes

We can assist in the preparation of additional reports to highlight the important details and document the complete process undertaken preparing for the annual NGER report.

NGER/NPI Report Review & Gap Analysis

We can provide review of companies’ previous NGER and NPI reports and conduct a gap analysis against statutory reporting obligations.

Reconciliation of Fuel Tax Credit Quantities and NGER Reported Quantities

This report demonstrated how the Fuel Tax Credits relate to the emissions reported under the NGER programme. Any discrepancies are highlighted.

Our Services provide further detail on our capabilities.