Specialist services

The Greenbase team have specific industry regulation and standards experience to process and interpret a diversity of data types and information across the board in environmental accounting.

Our experts have the capability to undertake a variety of specialist services including strategy, advisory, procedures, due diligence and estimations.

Data collection and management strategy development

  • Advisory and support during the construction and ramp-up phases of a major project in relation to establishing data collection and management systems
  • Frameworks and process to ensure the consistency of data for statutory reporting such as Fuel Tax Credit claims, National Pollutant Inventory, National Greenhouse Gas & Energy Report, Operating Licences, Annual Environment Reports MRF and Safeguard.

Facility delineation and operational control declaration

  • Documentation of reporting boundaries for statutory reporting obligations
  • Comparison of reporting boundaries across different statutory reports
  • Custodian of reporting obligations ensuring clear delineation in terms of geographic and operational boundaries.

Drafting of data collection and reporting procedures

  • Unified data collection processes to support multiple reporting outcomes
  • Alignment of corporate policies with reporting program requirements
  • Clearly defined operational roles between multiple stakeholders.

Emission estimates during feasibility and design stages of major projects

  • Estimation of potential emissions such as greenhouse gases, dust, heavy metals etc based on design data of large construction and land development projects
  • Processes that ensure estimates are based upon recognised estimation methods and standards.

Sorting, classifying and summarising large volumes of environmental data

  • Compilation of multiple files such as fuel records and sample results into a summarised and classified dataset ready for processing and/or reporting
  • Ensuring data is compiled speedily and in accordance with recognised classification standards.

Pollutant licence fee estimation

  • Identify ‘prescribed premises’ emission points for which a pollutant license fee is required
  • Extract subset of emission results from pollutant inventories
  • Aggregate emission fee units and costs.

Industry activity definition and baseline reports

  • Respond to regulators emissions and energy baseline requests
  • Jobs, competitiveness and direct action programs
  • Audit proof Basis of Preparation.

Minerals Council of Australia – Enduring value water accounting

  • Develop high level water balance including tailings and entrained water
  • Align reporting with compliance program data and Global Reporting Initiative standards.

Miscellaneous services we have also provided for our clients

  • Online data collection scheduling and coordination
  • Assistance with ABARE and ABS government surveys
  • Data provision for European Integrated Product Life Cycle Assessments
  • Assistance with Corporate Investor Certification initiatives
  • Support for Due Diligence information requests during mergers and acquisitions.

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