The Greenbase environmental reporting and advisory service network spans the globe.

We leverage specialists around the world to deliver the quality of service and capabilities expected from our company.

For our Partners, we have the necessary processes and support to ensure not only a successful and commercial result, but that together we have the foundation to meet the specific regional requirements of the clients we undertake.


We have standard protocols and support structures in place to deal with client and partnership agreements. We are collaborative and professional with a focus on commercial outcomes – for all of us.

We deliver a quality service with integrity - On Time, On Budget and Audit Ready.

We are a partner that understands things do not always go to plan, and when in doubt, talk to each other.

We are a partner with the simple philosophy towards revenue sharing and respect that whoever does the work gets paid for the work.

You are the Star -Unless requested we prefer to play a supporting role, our job is to help you to shine.

What are we looking for from a Partner?

Any one or more of the following attributes plus a strong quality and customer relationship ethos.

Reporting expertise – Concentrate on your higher value attributes - some Partners would like to leverage their strong reporting expertise by concentrating on helping the client with scoping and analysis and leaving the drudge work of number crunching and accounting to us.

Subject Matter Expertise – Some partners have strong technical expertise in a particular process or industry and want to leverage this position with our Environmental accounting system and expertise to provide better service and better margins.

Complementary services – some partners wish to broaden their service offering to create stronger customer relationships and account control – the one stop shop.

Technology Partners – We do not know of any system that does what we do. We are not an EMIS, we are not a GRC system but we are integral to the successful utilisation of both. We should be talking to each other.

Contact us to start the discussion.


Aegle - Australia

Partnership focus – CSR Reporting Expertise

Process Ecology – Canada

Partnership focus –Report, Subject matter Expertise, Complementary and Technology

Ndver Environmental – Australia

Partnership focus – Complementary Services