The system flexibility to report by unit, source through facility and aggregate

The increasing regulation of the oil and gas industry has resulted in the need for greater reporting and compliance. Whilst providing vital energy and materials for global development, the industry must examine and mitigate any adverse impacts or potential risks that it may present, as well as any benefits and trade-offs.

State and Federal regulatory standards have been developed, as well as a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in order to provide guidance to companies across both environmental and social aspects. This is where Greenbase specialises. Whether reporting on Emission Inventory or GHG and energy accounting we have the processes and system flexibility to report by unit, source through facility and aggregate.

From one set of data we can often create a variety of reports through our COUNT Model. We collect and manage this data securely online, with every change and submission logged to create fully auditable reports at all times.

Oil and gas industry reports may include submissions for some of the following:

  • TRI – Toxics Release Inventory
  • NPI – National Pollutant Inventory
  • NPRI – National Pollutant Release Inventory
  • RETC – Registro de Emisiones y Transferencia de Contaminantes
  • NGERS – National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
  • GHGRP – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program (Canada)
  • Title V – Title V of the Clean Air Act in the USA requires major sources of air pollutants, and certain other sources, to obtain and operate in compliance with an operating permit.

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