Servicing regional and urban areas

Engineering and construction industries are just as heavily regulated as their more prominent counterparts. All large infrastructure proposals and demolitions are met with environmental impact and sustainability questions from their governing bodies.

Greenbase will identify valuable data throughout the life of your projects and advise, collect, collate and monitor it in the form of easy to read, audit ready reports.

Electricity generation

Environmental accounting has become an integral part of the electrical power generation business, especially now that power generators can come from small communities right up to large resource operations all across Australia.

Greenbase can provide timely reports for any of the following;

  • Pollution licensing requirements and fees
  • Greenhouse gas and energy reporting
  • Carbon pricing
  • Fuel tax credits
  • Pollution inventories
  • Customer emission factor requests.

Greenbase has a strong track record of compiling reports for power generators in communities and resources operations across Australia. With many facilities potentially located in remote locations, they are often faced with staffing and scheduling difficulties for complicated reporting – this is where Greenbase can again come to play.

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