The ability to drill down at every plant

Greenbase services a multitude of large industry players; from chemicals manufacturing and refining, through to dairy and the food industry with our capability to generate reports specific to industry regulatory guidelines and government reporting.

Our online systems allow technical specialists to review and validate data and calculations; whilst the ability to drill down through to any plant facility and aggregate with the one data set, facilitates easy analysis and benchmarking by management teams.

Chemical manufacturing and refining

Facilities producing chemical products face a high level of community scrutiny in part due to the lack of general knowledge about what constitutes as hazardous materials.

Other issues typical of chemical manufacturing include:

  • Multiple, interconnected chemical plants operating under separate business units and joint ventures
  • Cogeneration configurations and complex steam circuits
  • Unusual chemical reactions and by-products
  • Assessment of fugitive leak sources in process streams, often in corrosive conditions
  • Emissions associated with plant trips and shut downs
  • Blending of ingredients into a diverse product range
  • Direct monitoring commitments which must be coordinated with plant operations
  • Unique hazardous waste management and treatment requirements
  • Complex chemicals storage facilities with multiple tank configurations and vapour recovery systems
  • Spills of volatile substances

The Greenbase team have the industry specific experience to undertake difficult and highly technical facilities using our proprietary method management system and reporting software.

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