Australia's National Greenhouse Gas & Energy Reporting Act (NGER) amongst others, requires companies to report base data to the Federal Government to support their emissions reporting.

Prism Model – One data set, multiple reports

When reporting on environmental consumables and waste tracking, Greenbase employs the Prism Model where one set of data goes in, and multiple reports come out. Nowhere is it more important than reporting greenhouse emissions and energy usage.

Companies that use energy create carbon dioxide

In the course of day to day work, greenhouse gas emissions are expelled due to operations such as the combustion of fuels for energy, the extraction of minerals, crude oil and natural gas, industrial processes and waste management.

Greenbase can provide accurate and timely Greenhouse Gas Reporting from data often already sourced for other reports. Once submitted, these reports are then analysed by the Government, to identify ways in which we can reduce our energy consumption and production, and therefore GHG emissions.

Our Services provide a comprehensive list of the reporting capabilities we offer.