Reporting can be difficult without streamlined programs and the stakes are becoming higher and higher.

A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report used to be a voluntary report published by a company to outline its progress in meeting financial, environmental and social sustainability goals. More and more the CSR report is being utilised not only for communication but as a formal disclosure of non-financial risk that is scrutinised by analysts, the Capital markets, NGO’s and activists amongst others.

Greenbase have developed a standard approach to implementing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards for resources and other heavy industries; building on our unique strengths in providing streamlined and auditable compliance reporting.

We can also produce CSR reports in other formats for compliance to the requirements of specific stock exchanges and business analysts – a growing requirement.

CSR Reporting with Greenbase will enable you to produce a report that is reliable, verifiable and audit ready. You can then easily and consistently extract the data required for reporting non-financial risk in the formats required by your various stakeholder audiences such as SASB, CDP, DJSI etc..

Greenbase provides all reports utilising the appropriate accounting and reporting standards, regulations and guidelines.

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